A Review on Commercial Steam Cleaners

125835043_xlThere are many things you have to take into consideration while you buy a commercial cleaner
. A 3 year warranty on the parts and a lifetime warranty on the tank is a plus. Also, never use any attachments or accessories that did not come with the machine or suggested by the manufacturer.

This could easily void your warranty and potentially cause serious injury due to not using the proper accessories and tools specifically built for the machine. Durability: When searching and comparing equipment, first consider how the machine is built. While some residential steam cleaners are made of plastic, the
plastic can eventually crack or break over time.

Choosing a steam cleaner with a stainless-steel or aluminum tank is a better option. Make sure the steam cleaner and the attachments look durable. If it looks poorly made, then more than most likely it is. High Heat and Adjustable Pressure Settings:1066285

Usually the temperature for a commercial grade steamer needs to stay at 280 degrees F or higher. Being able to change from low to high pressure is important and this website sells them here, of course this depends on what kind of surfaces you are cleaning or what jobs need to be done. High heat and pressure works great for removing gum, ink, rust or de-greasing grills and cleaning dirty grout lines and tiles.

Commercial steamers- An Intro

dupray-one-plus-steam-cleaner-all-steamUsing a commercial steam cleaner is a very time efficient and Eco-friendly way of getting larger and tougher jobs done without coming in contact with hazardous chemicals. This is a great resource for business owners to use in restaurants, hotels, offices, hospitals, schools and many other types of businesses.

Steam vapors are known to kill more germs found in businesses than most harsh chemicals can. Most of them can be costly, however it is a great investment for your business because you will be able to thoroughly clean your business and save money from having to purchase harsh chemicals over time. Choosing the best steam cleaner can be a difficult decision, especially when factoring in quality and price. The key things you want to ask yourself is what cleaning tasks do I need my steam cleaner to accomplish?

steam-cleaner-3What features does it need to have to effectively accomplish these tasks? Here are some key features to keep in mind before purchasing a commercial steam cleaner: Lifespan and Warranty: Check to see if there is a lifespan guarantee that comes with your commercial steam cleaner or make sure you are getting the best warranty for your investment. Considering that it may be a very big investment on an expensive line of equipment, it should have a great lifespan and or the best warranty.